Learn About PrimeQuest Wealth Strategies

PrimeQuest Wealth Strategies is a company that focuses on education, strategy, and results not products!  Unfortunately, most of the Financial Services Industry is mired in the belief they can create an investment or insurance product to address every financial need.  We, on the other hand, will challenge your belief system because we have found the conventional wisdom taught by the industry is usually self-serving or just plain wrong!  As our clients learn the truth about how money really works, they see their desired financial futures becoming reality.  This supports our business model of shared success!

Mike BassAbout J. Michael Bass, CFP, CIMA

Mike has been helping clients understand money for over 20 years.  If credentials make for a great advisor, he has that base covered!  Starting with an undergraduate and a master’s degree from the University of Florida, Mike is a Certified Financial Planner as well as a Certified Investment Management Analyst.  But what about experience you ask?  Well, Mike spent a decade and a half working in the real world bringing all sorts of real estate deals from concept to occupancy.  Since entering the financial world, Mike has developed a niche in worked with small business owners and professionals.  He saw a real need for people who were successful making money but weren’t sure how to best make that money work for them!  Mike’s philosophy is there is more opportunity in making the best use of the resources you already have than to chase higher returns!  He knows the key to being successful in accomplishing your financial goals is having better strategies not looking for the mythical better investment!


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