• Live Life On Purpose

  • Live Life On Purpose

  • Live Life On Purpose

PrimeQuest Wealth Strategies


Are you ready for retirement? Will your money last? Can you answer the four questions all retirees have?


How big should your down payment be? Which mortgage is the right mortgage for you?

College Funding

Your kids are ready for college, are YOU? Learn how to prepare for this major capital purchase.

Personal Economic Model

Learn how money flows through your life. Balance your current lifestyle and your future lifestyle!

The Blog

Why Financial Planning Doesn’t Work!!!

Financial Planning doesn’t work!  That statement may surprise you, but let me explain.  Several years ago ING ran a series of commercials showing people walking around with a number under their arm.  The number was to represent the amount of money each person would need to be able to retire.  This is the epitome of

Sep 04, 2015 Admin
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